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Anna Karenina

Conjugal unfaithfulness is denounced by law, religion and society in practically any nation, all the more so in late nineteenth century Russia. In our cutting edge culture also, the unfaithful lady gets more prominent rebuke than the man who is blameworthy of it. This is additionally the situation in Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Oblonsky (Stiva) undermines his significant other, not once yet twice, however he gets close to a delicate censure. Anna Karenina, then again, wins extreme scorn from society for her two-faced contact with the running Count Vronsky. By all accounts, Tolstoy himself more likely than not understood the gravity of her wrongdoing and to assuage the moralists of his day he needed to make her compensation for it: she ends it all, squashed underneath an approaching train. Yet, a top to bottom correlation of Stiva’s and Anna’s disloyalties, found in the light of Tolstoyan thought, would recommend the creator didn't plan to denounce Anna’s deed alone, yet the whole society of his day for its affectation, its twofold standard of profound quality. Talking about the disparity of rights in marriage among people, Pestsov recognized that â€Å"the imbalance in marriage†¦lay in the way that the betrayal of the spouse and the treachery of the husband are rebuffed inconsistent, both by the law and by general assessment. † (4. 12). Preservationist Russia and even contemporary society would will in general glance at Stiva with more prominent understanding and even endorsement. This rises after a short examination among him and Anna versus their two-timing issues. Oblonsky (Stiva) proposed to stay quiet about his acts of unfaithfulness; Dolly got some answers concerning his undertaking with the French tutor just by his lack of regard. Conversely, Anna played straightforwardly with Vronsky in spite of realizing Kitty was enamored with him and was hanging tight for his proposition. While it was not her issue that Vronsky followed her in the train, giving others access to the sprouting sentiment, she could have watched some level of respectability or carefulness in his issue with the attractive official, yet she didn't. The minor actuality that Anna and Vronsky remained conversing with one another at the little table even within the sight of her significant other, toward the start of their sentiment, was considered by the hover of visitors present â€Å"indecorous. (2. 7). Apparently incapable to appreciate, as Vronsky, the gravity of their wrongdoing, she picked to disregard the judgment of society, including the world class of St. Petersburg where â€Å"everyone knows every other person, everybody even visits everybody else† just as of Moscow who disliked such dalliances in contradiction of the set up ethic s of the day. (2. 4). Karenin became incensed just when, against his request that she at any rate watch appropriateness and respectability, she permitted her darling to visit her at their home (2. 22). Alexey, Anna’s spouse, is portrayed as the enduring party. He is envisioned as one who is without indecencies and all ethicalness, in spite of the fact that Anna loathes him for it. He will not be envious when his better half is blockaded with other men. Assuming the best about her everything during their marriage, and before the issue, Alexey accepted a man of honor shouldn't go down in attacks of envy, concerning a woman’s presentation to enticements from other men, since he â€Å"could never bring down her and himself by desire. † (1. 6). In spite of his underlying scorn at Anna for leaving him and her child, he promptly excused her when he contemplated to bite the dust (4. 17). At that point as now, individuals excused a man’s extramarital issues in light of his virile nature. Oblonsky figured he was unable to be blamed for messing around as he was as yet youthful and gorgeous, while his significant other was at that point over the hill. He was inclined to enticement, and along these lines couldn't be handily blamed for capitulating to natural allurements. He thought his trysts with other ladies were nevertheless honest, innocuous interests. Conversely, Anna is seriously decided for breaking her conjugal promises. It disregards starting at no second that reality that she wedded a man she didn't cherish, who was twenty years more established and made her life mysteriously hopeless. She is censured in light of the discernment that she had no reason for needing the expressions of love of another, regardless of how beguiled she might be. She transparently played with Vronsky, realizing Kitty was infatuated with him and anticipating his proposition. To the ethical gatekeepers of her day, Anna Karenina was unreliable, being not able to understand the results of her activities. Oblonsky remains his chipper, certain self regardless of his conjugal difficulties, in any event, submitting another unfaithfulness with a pretty moving young lady in spite of his previous admission of disappointment, while Anna is genuinely and intellectually crushed by virtue of her issue with Vronsky. Stiva considered his indulgences an insignificant interest to get away from the apathy of his regular daily existence, never genuinely really thinking about them. To him, one â€Å"can be attached to new rolls when one has had one’s apportions of bread. † He tells Levin, who is unconvinced, it truly â€Å"does so little mischief to anybody, and gives oneself so much joy. † He said he didn't â€Å"count life as existence without affection. (2. 14). In his brain, Stiva didn't mourn the way that he was not, at this point in adoration with his significant other; his solitary lament, accepting she was covertly mindful of his dalliances yet closed her eyes to them, wa s not having the option to conceal it from her. He was the sort who savored his delights. He thought: â€Å"There’s something normal, disgusting, in playing with one’s tutor. In any case, what a tutor! † (1. 2). For Stiva, similarly as with numerous other men (or even society by and large), a transgression isn't to be embarrassed about as long as you keep up a feeling of decency or do it prudently, cautious about the sensibilities of others who may be annoyed. Men are even expected to take part in such interests, if they don't bargain their respect or make a dolt of themselves before others. Such was the response of Vronsky’s mother, the noblewoman, who imagined that nothing â€Å"gave such a completing touch to a splendid man as a contact in the most noteworthy society. † (2. 18). She was additionally satisfied it was Anna Karenina who was engaged with her child. To her, the issue became vexing just when she understood that their enthusiasm may lead him â€Å"into imprudence† and disappoint certain associations in high society. Vronsky’s sibling shared the estimation of the lady: He didn't recognize what kind of affection his (Vronsky’s) may be†¦(he kept an artful dance young lady himself, however he was the dad of a family, so he was permissive in these issues), yet he realized that this relationship was seen with disappointment by those whom it was important to if you don't mind and in this way he didn't favor of his brother’s lead. (2. 18). Of judgment by society, differentiation ought to be made. There is a hover made out of the popular world, to which Anna was joined, that rendered no unforgiving judgment of her. Vronsky was aware of the way that he ran no danger of being absurd according to Betsy or some other elegant individuals. He was very much aware that in their eyes the situation of a fruitless lover†¦might be silly. Be that as it may, the situation of a man seeking after a wedded lady, paying little mind to everything, marking his life on bringing her into infidelity, has something fine and fabulous about it, and can never be ridiculous†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (4. 4. ). (? ) There was, nonetheless, another hover, made out of â€Å"elderly, revolting, big-hearted, and faithful women†, known as the â€Å"conscience of Petersburg Society† at the focal point of which was the Countess Lidia Ivanovna. Not at all like the first circle which got a kick out of quite a while and felt for the sweethearts, this specific gathering saw only the impropriety of Anna’s undertaking with the tally. The primary hover would in general excuse the darlings, finding in them mirrored their own human shortcomings. The subsequent circle denounced it, finding the outrage detestable according to man and God. Not at all like his sibling Stiva, Anna completely betrayed her family to make another life for herself, not in quest for transitory delight or rush as Stiva is wont to do, yet in dutifulness to the directs of her heart, absolutely dismissing show. Both Anna and her sibling thought that it was hard to understand the profundity of their wrongdoings. Stiva trusted himself very feeble despite a lady â€Å"who adores him yet who looks for nothing consequently. † (1. 2). In any case, while Stiva couldn't atone of his wrongdoings since they gave him so much delight, Anna and Vronsky minded not in any way on how they will be decided by society due to their absolute commitment for one another, finding that â€Å"the enthusiasm that unified them was extreme to such an extent that they were both negligent of everything else except their adoration. †(2. 21). Individuals may be gentler to Oblonsky in light of the fact that he promptly looked for absolution from his better half when she found the issue; it didn't once become obvious him to spurn his family. As Anna calls attention to Dolly, men who submit such slip-ups consider their families sacrosanct. They may submit careless activities yet they could never genuinely consider surrendering their home. â€Å"Somehow or other these ladies are still looked on with disdain by them, and don't address their inclination for their family,† watched Anna, uninformed that she also would be judged seriously in her future issue. They draw a kind of line that can’t be gone among them and their families. † (1. 4). Then again, Anna left her significant other to live with Vronsky without the customs of separation, gaining the harsh wrath of society and the congregation. By custom, Anna’s unfaithfulness to his significant other Karenin is regarded progressively derisive taking i nto account the chaperon inclinations, principles, biases and convictions encompassing their milieu. Treachery denoted the lady as liable of a capital wrongdoing. Vronsky’s mother made a decision about her â€Å"a terrible woman,† reasoning that her urgent pas

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Approaches Towards Dementia Care

Approaches Towards Dementia Care Subside John Ignacio Jael Wafula Bolster Planning for Geriatric Health Conditions Presentation Today, our general public comprises of expanding number of individuals matured sixty five and over. This is the aftereffect of the gen X-er impact in which post world war two youngsters are presently in the last phases of their lives. It is accepted that foundations which are slanted in supporting the older must be specialists in the wellbeing worries that accompanies maturing. There can be an assortment of wellbeing conditions an old individual can have, these incorporate, yet not constrained to, hypertension, diabetes, joint inflammation, osteoporosis, vision and hearing misfortune, skin changes, and mental, passionate and mental changes. The last mentioned, being the focal point of this paper, is generally alluded to as the fundamental worry of the older here in New Zealand as well as the greater part of the old everywhere throughout the world. Themes including this will be analyzed in this paper, for example, the separation of individual focused methodology and non-individual foc used methodology in care of the old, procedures in meeting the fluctuating capacities and requirements of senior individuals with conditions in mentation, effects of social assorted variety and effects of wellbeing area measures on the individual focused model of overseeing people with psychological troubles, similar to dementia of senior individuals from the network and other geriatric related wellbeing conditions. Individual focused methodology First to be analyzed is the individual focused methodology which is centered around the older individual, singular occupant, if in a rest home setting; a specific patient, if in a medical clinic setting; or the senior residents, in the public arena overall. It is the standard of realizing the individual being thought about, thoroughly, not just the wellbeing concern or the illness that they have. Individuals even in the development phases of their lives reserve the option to be treated with deference and nobility. To do this, it is principal to know the individual as who the person in question is and how the individual might want to be dealt with. Above all else is knowing the name of the patient, occupant or any individual being thought about. This is the essential thing to know by heart and not to be sabotaged. It is anything but difficult to overlook names now and again however it is essential to make a point to know and recollect names of people being thought about particularly t he old. This should be possible by routinely checking the graphs or records of customers and utilizing their names when speaking with them regularly. Thusly, this can help in recalling and completely knowing the clients’ names and in any event, encouraging the mindful connection between the carers and the individuals being thought about. Notwithstanding that, knowing clients’ character and the exercises they normally do would help in building up a remarkable relationship. Things like, leisure activities, schedules and top choices of the old are in every case great to know particularly on the off chance that they are living in an office that would profit by these individual data for the coherence of care and to have agreeable customer carer relationship by and large. Along these lines, fulfillment of old customers would be kept up and respected. For older customers with dementia or comparable wellbeing conditions, it is additionally basic to ensure their privileges. Wes tern nations, New Zealand notwithstanding, and other created countries are exacting with respect to this. Customers, whatever their age is, ought to be dealt with and thought about in agreement to the bill of rights that everybody should regard and focus on, particularly when thinking about older customers. Remembered for this bill is the privilege of protection. Security is still significant when thinking about older customers. They are still completely mindful of their environmental factors and the things that make them awkward ought to be dodged. The privilege of decision is additionally another factor that ought to be kept up in the life of the older. This implies customers reserve the privilege to pick of any part of their consideration. They are allowed to incline toward being autonomous and to protect their self-sufficiency in regular dynamic, and obviously the opportunity from pressure or unconsented trial or study that might be performed for the headway of the geriatric cli nical field. Non-individual focused methodology Then again, the non-individual focused way to deal with dementia and other propelled age related wellbeing concerns have an alternate statutes or reason. There are two basic topic considered in the said approach. These are organization viewpoint and bio-clinical point of view. The first being engaged in the government assistance of the office as the name infers. The notoriety and the validity of the organization is most extreme significant and to keep up a decent picture to people in general, and maybe to hold the financing gave by the administration, foundation point of view situated offices ensure that the senior customers are all around dealt with. While the second one which is bio-clinical point of view has its consideration coordinated with the physical peculiarities that old customers have. The primary target is to treat the malady and draw out life, which here and there may ignore the most significant factor in thinking about the seniors, the becoming acquainted with part and genuinely tending to the necessities of the customers the physical or bio-clinical needs as well as the one that issues the most for customers of the said age gathering, the social and mental angle. Procedures used to address issues of people with dementia and basic geriatric wellbeing conditions To address further the necessities and worries of the senior residents, there are a few procedures utilized in different social insurance fields and offices. The first to be talked about is the truth direction approach. This is tied in with advising the customers regarding the present occurring or occasion in the earth. For instance, reorienting old of the time, date and spot where they are at. This procedure is exceptionally useful in disposing of disarray and advancing clients’ trust in performing exercises for the afternoon. Notwithstanding the said occasions to be reoriented, natural individuals and relatives would encourage better memory for the older. By observing their family members or hearing their names and anecdotes about them, clients’ memory will be animated henceforth, immeasurably advances certainty and reduce disarray and bewilderment. Moreover, the easiest yet most significant approach to reorient customers is in some cases overlooked, this is utilizing clients’ names consistently when speaking with them and educating them regarding exercises they have to partake with for the afternoon. For instance, when going into a client’s space for their morning meal, a carer should thump on the entryway and obligingly call the client’s name to wake the person in question up and urge him to have breakfast and to do succeeding customer exercises for the afternoon. This will at that point make the customer mindful of their own environmental factors and exercises to be finished. Consequently giving them certainty and sentiment of self-esteem. The following procedure which is picking up prevalence is the approval approach, it is slanted with tolerating the customer, understanding and by one way or another placing one’s self into the shoes of the customers. By doing this, older customers will be progressively receptive to mediations, they will be increasingly dynamic in correspondence and consequently will be increasingly cheerful and mollified. By consenting to them and not repudiating their comprehension of things it will be simple for the carer to divert and occupy the consideration of the older to the correct way or right reasoning. Along these lines, dissatisfactions that may prompt misery would be limited or even killed. Third procedure is called assistive advancements. This is about development and imagination being applied for functional as well as in particular, for helpful reason. In this strategy, present day gear that can be utilized in regular day to day existence are intended to advance autonomy, diminish hazards and improve the personal satisfaction of old customers as well as more youthful individuals with inabilities too. Genuine instances of these advances applied to serve the old are tickers and schedules that have specific properties to forestall bewilderment to time and date. Another are locator gadgets, these can be in a type of key ring or Velcro belts and arm bands that customers can wear and can be initiated in instances of meandering and being lost. There is another sort of older well disposed innovation that is valuable in guaranteeing wellbeing and security for customers who are living by their own. This is called â€Å"Telecare†. It uses sensors that are introduced aroun d the client’s home and associated with a media transmission gadget. This astonishing innovation distinguishes natural changes inside the house, for example, outrageous temperatures, floods and even gas spills. It likewise faculties the client’s developments. For instance, if the customer is regularly getting up around evening time to go to the latrine or if there are danger of falls, this are recognized by the sensors and suitable correspondence will be submitted to the selected individual. These different types of innovations end up being exceptionally useful in keeping the seniors protected and secure while keeping up their should be autonomous and completely utilitarian all alone (Alzheimers Society, 2015). Forward to be analyzed is the memory procedures. The reason of having psychotherapeutic estimates that relates to the biography of the old and how they experienced their lives, concentrating on the great and limiting the second thoughts and feelings of hatred from past occasions in the old persons’ lives. This methodology is demonstrated to improve clients’ temperament. Subjective capacity and generally speaking prosperity for customers with gentle to direct dementia. Here and there it is slanted and like reality direction approach in parts of including family members and relatives who are exceptionally near the customer and even the individuals who assumed gigantic jobs in the life of the older before. This will help their day

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20 Weird Financial Facts About Christmas

20 Weird Financial Facts About Christmas 20 Weird Financial Facts About Christmas 20 Weird Financial Facts About ChristmasWhich age group in America is buying the most holiday gifts for their pets? If you guessed Millennialsâ€"and of course you didâ€"youd be wrong!We here at the OppLoans Financial Sense Blog have two primary objectives: providing our readers with valuable financial information and offering seasonal facts to keep the conversation going at the holiday table with your families.Recently we gave you 10 Thanksgiving Money Facts to talk about over the turkey. Now we’re coming back at you with some Christmas money facts to talk about over the goose or ham or whatever.And since its a time for giving, which is why we’ve got twice the holiday facts for you! Yes, we’re stuffing your stockings with 20 Christmas Financial Facts! Grab some hot cocoa with extra marshmallows and enjoy!1. Lots of people go into debt for holiday shopping.We’re not here to tell you whether Santa is real or not. What we do know is, unfortunately some people are going into deb t for their holiday shopping.In a 2017 post he wrote about  Christmas savings in 2017,  Money Life Wax (@moneylifewax) founder Josh Hastings came across the following:One HUGE fact I found interesting was that the average consumer during Christmas time will spend close to $1,000 on gifts, he said, adding that, An alarming 4 in 10 will go into debt to do so.”Not to get too self-referential, but we have some tips that might keep you from becoming more broke when you’re planning your Christmas.2. It’s not just physical stores that benefit.You know Christmas time means Santa is going to be downloading himself down some chimneys, but did you know a lot of apps are going to be downloaded onto devices as well?Yes, that was a little bit of a stretch. Let’s move on.“Christmas day sees more app downloads than any other day of the year,” Rob Mackley, owner of Red Box Web Design (@RedBoxStafford). “Santa certainly came to town bearing good wishes for app stores on Christmas day la st year, where 328 million apps were downloaded to smartphones and tablets.Analysts are expecting the same good fortune for 2018. Smartphone and tablet devices are popular Christmas gifts, so it’s not surprising that its capabilities will be immediately tested with a few app downloads to start.”3. Tis better to give.A recent study commissioned by TD Ameritrade (@TDAmeritrade) sought to find out how different groups spend their holiday money and who they spend it on. And then they were kind enough to share that information with us.When it comes to giving gifts, the Ameritrade study found that most people are planning to buy presents for their kids and spouses. 59 percent of respondents said that they will be buying presents for either their kid, spouse, or both.4. Presents for pups.If you were concerned that only humans are getting presents for the holidays, worry no longer! The Ameritrade study found that 20 percent of people will be buying presents for their pets. And noâ€"desp ite what you might assumeâ€"this isn’t just some Millennial thing.In fact, 27 percent of Gen-X responders said they were planning to buy gifts for their pets while only 22 percent of Millennials said they’d do the same.5. Treat yourself.One millennial stereotype did prove truer in the study. It turns out millennials are the most likely to buy a gift for themselves, with 42 percent of millennial respondents looking to treat themselves.The older generation may judge, but after another year of dealing with massive student loan debt, stagnant wages, and inconsistent benefits, they deserve something nice.6. Office politics.Planning to get some nice gifts for your coworkers? Just know it may be unrequited. At 14 percent, “coworker” was the category the fewest respondents said they were planning to buy gifts for.7. Tis the season to be… guilty?!The TD Ameritrade study also asked respondents whether they felt guilty about their Christmas purchases. 63 percent do not  feel guilty a bout their Christmas purchases, but there’s a big generational split.While 81 percent of boomers dont feel guilty about their Christmas purchases, 62 percent of millennials do. Gen-Xers are in the middle, with 64 percent not  feeling guilty.8. Bright Christmas Lights, Big City.A study by the Chamber of Commerce found that there’s a pretty big difference in the average price of a Christmas tree depending on what state you live in. Christmas trees are at their most expensive in New York, much like everything is more expensive in New York. On average, a Tammany Tenenbaum will set you back $90.9. One Dakota is closer to Santa’s house.Looking for the cheapest Christmas tree you can find in America? Then look no further than North Dakota, where Christmas trees are just $33 a pop on average. At that price, you might as well get one for your dog as well!10. Red, white, and green.So now you know where to get the cheapest and most expensive Christmas trees in America, but what’s the n ational average? It turns out it’s right about in the middle between the New York high and the South Dakota low. A good old American six-foot Christmas tree will set you back $59 on average.11. What a card!Christmas is still the biggest time of the year for greeting cards. 1.6 billion Christmas cards were sent in 2016. And that’s just retail cards! It doesn’t even count homemade cards or those ecards where you use photographs to make it look like your family is a bunch of singing elves.12. Santa Claus is coming to the bank.Santa has a big job. He has to travel around the whole world in one night. Quite frankly, it sounds exhausting. So what does a job like that pay? Well, the average hourly wage of a mall Santa is $30 an hour, but the Santa elite can earn up to $75 an hour. Hopefully, the one percent of Santas aren’t looking down on the more paycheck to paycheck Santas.13. You’ve heard about Elf on a Shelf, but Elf 2 on a Shelf 2?Will Ferrell took his place in the Christma s movie hall of fame when he appeared in Elf. However, he did not want to appear in a sequel. Whether it was creative differences or a lack of a script, Ferrell turned down $29 million to appear in a sequel. So if you’re really desperate for an Elf sequel, you’ll need to offer Ferrell at least  $30 million.14. All I want for Christmas  is 462 … thousand dollars.Just as Will Ferrell managed to create a modern-day entry into the Christmas pantheon, Mariah Carey may be the most recent artist to create a true, new Christmas classic song with All I Want For Christmas is You.For that accomplishment, she receives around $462,000 in royalties each year. She could buy quite a few New York Christmas trees with that!15. A Scrooge loose.The most expensive Christmas movie ever made starred Jim Carrey. And no, it wasn’t The Grinch. It was the CGI version of A Christmas Carol. At $190 million, it cost more to make than the original Iron Man movie.16. On Donner and Blitzen and … the rest …Want to start your own Santa operation? It might not be quite as expensive as you think. You could theoretically get a reindeer for as cheap as $1,000.11 more of those complete with feed and a place to keep them and a sleigh and flying lessons and you’ll be on your way to delivering toys to the children of the world in no time!17. Shine bright like a fruitcake.Everyone seems to complain about Christmas fruitcakes, but they keep being sold, so someone must be buying them. However, no one bought the world’s most expensive fruitcake.At $1.72 million, it was created to be displayed in a Japanese department store. What makes it so expensive? A whole bunch of diamonds. So maybe don’t try to eat it.18. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, you are very tall.If your Christmas tree isn’t so tall that it pops through the roof of your house and allows the snow to get in, did you really even celebrate Christmas at all?Well no matter how tall it was, it probably wasn’t taller than t he world’s tallest natural Christmas tree, which was erected in Seattle in December of 1950. It was over 221 feet tall.19. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, you are artificial.If you thought that Seattle Christmas tree was tall, just wait until you hear about the world’s largest artificial Christmas tree! It was 236 feet tall and erected in Sri Lanka. So … it actually wasnt that much taller. Huh. Good job, nature.20. Let’s wrap.Somehow, Americans spend $7 billion on wrapping paper each year. Why? Just use newspaper comic strips!And there we are. Enjoy your facts, and enjoy your Christmas. From all of us to you, happy holidays! If you enjoyed this story, check out these related posts and articles from OppLoans:The Secret Financial History of Commercialized Christmas25 Little-Known Presidential Money FactsMoney at the Movies: Does Box Office Gold Mean a Best Picture Win?The 12 Worst Financial Scandals In HistoryWhats your favorite weird Christmas money fact?  Let us know! You can find us  on  Facebook  and  Twitter.ContributorsJosh Hastings is a former High School Athletic Director at the secondary level who shifted his focus in 2016 to focus more effort on his entrepreneur endeavors. In 2017 he founded  Money Life Wax (@moneylifewax), a personal finance site dedicated to helping millennials with student loans. With an emphasis on money and finance behavior, Josh started Money Life Wax  to help millennials realize there are other ways to make money and be happy in the 21st century.Rob Mackley is the owner of  Red Box Web Design (@RedBoxStafford), a website company which has been going now for 12 years.  In 2017 Rob Created RED BOX ALL-IN, the UK’s only All-Inclusive, Pay Monthly Web Design Service. Having worked in the industry for over 15 years, he has a lot to share so he provides customers and VIP contacts with free helpful articles, step by step marketing guides, and the latest online marketing news via email each week along with beautiful web sites.For over 40 years,  TD Ameritrade (@TDAmeritrade) has been proud to help their clients pursue their financial goals while giving those clients more time to focus on what really matters in life. Everything they offer â€" from guidance to powerful trading tools to retirement resources â€" is built around one thing you.

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Separation of Power Plays an Important Role in the...

The doctrine of separation of powers plays an important role from a constitutional perspective. In defining the term it can be seen within a vast multitude of legal text as the â€Å"constitutional principal limiting powers vested in an institution or person. The functions of governmental authority is divided into three categories; inspired by French jurist Montesquieu (1689- 1755), the legislative, executive and judiciary as separate branches exists in many countries. In Trinidad and Tobago these branches are defined as the Legislative in the form of Parliament, the Executive as the Government and the Judiciary as the courts. Reflected by chapter 4 part I of The Constitution of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago Act 4 of 1976, composition of†¦show more content†¦Important acts of the President can only be exercised as identified in 80 (1) .... in accordance with the advice if Cabinet or a Minister acting under the general authority of the Cabinet. The Cabinet consists of elected members where its election principle includes the percentage of votes each candidate received in the last election. They are responsible for formulating methods to implement the laws passed by Parliament; however it is noteworthy that these elected members can be at any time dismissed by the Prime Minister. The Judiciary of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is the last of the three mentioned arms of the state, it is headed by the Chief Justice, and the judiciary consists of the Supreme Court of Judicature, the Magistracy and the Privy Council. The Constitution seeks to ensure the independence of the Judiciary by various means, including prohibiting the abolition of judges’ posts or reduction of their salaries. Section 99 of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago constitution it states: â€Å"There shall be a Supreme Court of Trinidad and Tobago consisting of a High Court (hereinafter referred to as â€Å"the High Court†) and a Court of Appeal with such jurisdiction and powers as conferred on these Courts respectively by this Constitution or any other law.† The Chief Justice is appointed by the President after consultation with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition, but may only be removed byShow MoreRelatedCxc Mutipe Choice Questions13016 Words   |  53 PagesAugust, 1962 b) May, 1961 c) July, 1963 d) July, 1974. The four countries that attended the first Heads of Government Conference were: a) Jamaica, Guyana, Grenada and Barbados b) Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago c) Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana and Belize d) Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica and St. Lucia. Carifta came into being on: a) May 1, 1968 b) July 1, 1968 c) August 1, 1968 d) May 1, 1971. After the inception of Carifta, three functional institution were set up except:Read MoreA001426633 Corporate Governance Assignment3332 Words   |  14 Pagesrecommendations for suggested improvement based on your review. Word Count: 2504 words Executive Summary The proliferation of corporate scandal has brought corporate governance into the spotlight. Stakeholders have now become more aware of the power and responsibility of the board of directors. As such emphasis is being placed on the review of the board of directors and the extent to which they exhibit good corporate citizenry. This paper seeks to function as a report to the chairman of the boardRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 PagesPerception and Individual Decision Making 165 Motivation Concepts 201 Motivation: From Concepts to Applications 239 3 The Group 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Foundations of Group Behavior 271 Understanding Work Teams 307 Communication 335 Leadership 367 Power and Politics 411 Conflict and Negotiation 445 Foundations of Organization Structure 479 v vi BRIEF CONTENTS 4 The Organization System 16 Organizational Culture 511 17 Human Resource Policies and Practices 543 18 Organizational Change

Deception Point Page 81 Free Essays

â€Å"As you know,† the CIA director went on, his tone sharpening, â€Å"all U.S. government entities who deal with sensitive intelligence information are governed by strict rules of secrecy-military, CIA, NSA, NRO-all of them must abide by stringent laws regarding the concealment of the data they glean and the technologies they develop. We will write a custom essay sample on Deception Point Page 81 or any similar topic only for you Order Now I ask you all, yet again, why NASA-the agency currently producing the largest portion of cutting-edge aerospace, imaging, flight, software, reconnaissance, and telecom technologies used by the military and intelligence community-exists outside this umbrella of secrecy.† The President heaved a weighty sigh. The proposal was clear. Restructure NASA to become part of the U.S. military intelligence community. Although similar restructurings had happened with other agencies in the past, Herney refused to entertain the idea of placing NASA under the auspices of the Pentagon, the CIA, the NRO, or any other military directive. The National Security Council was starting to splinter on the issue, many siding with the intelligence community. Lawrence Ekstrom never looked pleased at these meetings, and this was no exception. He shot an acrimonious glare toward the CIA director. â€Å"At the risk of repeating myself, sir, the technologies NASA develops are for nonmilitary, academic applications. If your intelligence community wants to turn one of our space telescopes around and look at China, that’s your choice.† The CIA director looked like he was about to boil over. Pickering caught his eye and stepped in. â€Å"Larry,† he said, careful to keep an even tone, â€Å"every year NASA kneels before Congress and begs for money. You’re running operations with too little funding, and you’re paying the price in failed missions. If we incorporate NASA into the intelligence community, NASA will no longer need to ask Congress for help. You would be funded by the black budget at significantly higher levels. It’s a win-win. NASA will have the money it needs to run itself properly, and the intelligence community will have peace of mind that NASA technologies are protected.† Ekstrom shook his head. â€Å"On principle, I cannot endorse painting NASA with that brush. NASA is about space science; we have nothing to do with national security.† The CIA director stood up, something never done when the President was seated. Nobody stopped him. He glared down at the administrator of NASA. â€Å"Are you telling me you think science has nothing to do with national security? Larry, they are synonymous, for God’s sake! It is only this country’s scientific and technological edge that keeps us secure, and whether we like it or not, NASA is playing a bigger and bigger part in developing those technologies. Unfortunately, your agency leaks like a sieve and has proven time and again that its security is a liability!† The room fell silent. Now the administrator of NASA stood up and locked eyes with his attacker. â€Å"So you suggest locking twenty thousand NASA scientists in airtight military labs and making them work for you? Do you really think NASA’s newest space telescopes would have been conceived had it not been for our scientists’ personal desire to see deeper into space? NASA makes astonishing breakthroughs for one reason only-our employees want to understand the cosmos more deeply. They are a community of dreamers who grew up staring at starry skies and asking themselves what was up there. Passion and curiosity are what drive NASA’s innovation, not the promise of military superiority.† Pickering cleared his throat, speaking softly, trying to lower the temperatures around the table. â€Å"Larry, I’m certain the director is not talking about recruiting NASA scientists to build military satellites. Your NASA mission statement would not change. NASA would carry on business as usual, except you would have increased funding and increased security.† Pickering turned now to the President. â€Å"Security is expensive. Everyone in this room certainly realizes that NASA’s security leaks are a result of underfunding. NASA has to toot its own horn, cut corners on security measures, run joint projects with other countries so they can share the price tag. I am proposing that NASA remain the superb, scientific, nonmilitary entity it currently is, but with a bigger budget, and some discretion.† Several members of the security council nodded in quiet agreement. President Herney stood slowly, staring directly at William Pickering, clearly not at all amused with the way Pickering had just taken over. â€Å"Bill, let me ask you this: NASA is hoping to go to Mars in the next decade. How will the intelligence community feel about spending a hefty portion of the black budget running a mission to Mars-a mission that has no immediate national security benefits?† â€Å"NASA will be able to do as they please.† â€Å"Bullshit,† Herney replied flatly. Everyone’s eyes shot up. President Herney seldom used profanity. â€Å"If there is one thing I’ve learned as president,† Herney declared, â€Å"it’s that those who control the dollars control the direction. I refuse to put NASA’s purse strings in the hands of those who do not share the objectives for which the agency was founded. I can only imagine how much pure science would get done with the military deciding which NASA missions are viable.† Herney’s eyes scanned the room. Slowly, purposefully, he returned his rigid gaze to William Pickering. â€Å"Bill,† Herney sighed, â€Å"your displeasure that NASA is engaged in joint projects with foreign space agencies is painfully shortsighted. At least someone is working constructively with the Chinese and Russians. Peace on this planet will not be forged by military strength. It will be forged by those who come together despite their governments’ differences. If you ask me, NASA’s joint missions do more to promote national security than any billion-dollar spy satellite, and with a hell of a lot better hope for the future.† Pickering felt an anger welling deep within him. How dare a politician talk down to me this way! Herney’s idealism played fine in a boardroom, but in the real world, it got people killed. â€Å"Bill,† Marjorie Tench interrupted, as if sensing Pickering was about to explode, â€Å"we know you lost a child. We know this is a personal issue for you.† Pickering heard nothing but condescension in her tone. â€Å"But please remember,† Tench said, â€Å"that the White House is currently holding back a floodgate of investors who want us to open space to the private sector. If you ask me, for all its mistakes, NASA has been one hell of a friend to the intel community. You all might just want to count your blessings.† A rumble strip on the shoulder of the highway jolted Pickering’s mind back to the present. His exit was coming up. As he approached the exit for D.C., he passed a bloody deer lying dead by the side of the road. He felt an odd hesitation†¦ but he kept driving. He had a rendezvous to keep. 96 The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is one of the largest memorials in the nation. With a park, waterfalls, statuary, alcoves, and basin, the memorial is divided into four outdoor galleries, one for each of FDR’s terms in office. A mile from the memorial, a lone Kiowa Warrior coasted in, high over the city, its running lights dimmed. In a town boasting as many VIPs and media crews as D.C., helicopters in the skies were as common as birds flying south. Delta-One knew that as long as he stayed well outside what was known as â€Å"the dome†-a bubble of protected airspace around the White House-he should draw little attention. They would not be here long. The Kiowa was at twenty-one hundred feet when it slowed adjacent to, but not directly over, the darkened FDR Memorial. Delta-One hovered, checking his position. He looked to his left, where Delta-Two was manning the night vision telescopic viewing system. The video feed showed a greenish image of the entry drive of the memorial. The area was deserted. How to cite Deception Point Page 81, Essay examples

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Ramses the 2nd Essay Example

Ramses the 2nd Essay Ramses the 2nd ruled for about 70 years. He was the third Pharaoh of the 19th dynasty. Ramses the 2nd always fought for more terrority in Africa, Asia, Asia Minor and Arab Countries. Ramses had declared a war on the Hitties, of the Asia Minor and Northern Asia. Hitties were strong warriors and very technologically advanced. The longest war was fought in 1274 @ Kadesh. ( Pharaoh 2 (Ramses) ).Ramses the 2nd ruled during the new kingdom, which reigned from 1550-1070 B.C.E. Living in the new kingdom he dispersed his power very far, making his nation the strongest of the ancient world. He was wed to over 100 wives and fathered over 90 children. Archeologists who searched his tomb found him to be very colorful. (Page 68 of the history text book). Ramses was very cocky in a sense he wanted to prove to the people that he was very heroic and very valiant. He did this I believe to make the crowd love him. Crowds love victories, and if you were victorious then you would be loved. Scholars soug ht to call him Ramses the Great because he was so into himself. ( page 68 ).Ramses was one of the most successful Pharaohs in the sense that he would build such massive temples for not many reasons but just to honor the gods and to have him seen as such a glorious ruler. Ramses 2nd has a very big nose, which comes from the rameside kings. Ramses, the warrior he was even gave diplomacy a chance making thefirst NAP or Non Aggression Act. Which means that they signed a treaty saying, simply they will show no aggression towards each other and to give support if being attacked by enemies.

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Racism Essays - Discrimination, Racism, Hatred, Free Essays

Racism Essays - Discrimination, Racism, Hatred, Free Essays Racism Racism is an evil that can destroy socitiy. America is a nation of immigrants and, as such it?s a diverse society where racism and prejudice have no place. Everyone came here from somewhere. Our country is based on the phrase, ?All men are created equal.? We are a diverse nation where racism and prejudice are unwarranted. Racism hurts people. Racism has been present in our world for more than 3,000 years. Take African-Americans, before the Million Man March, Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement, black people were given less respect than dogs. For the first century of our country?s existence, blacks were slaves with no rights. Even after the Civil War freed them, there was no equal opportunity and much oppression of them by whites, particularly in the South. They were constant targets of violence and were put to death by racist hate groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.?s civil rights movement was the first step towards a truly de-segregated America. If it had not been for people like Dr. King, Maya Angelou and other strong-willed and just people, the country would probably still have two types of rest rooms one for whites and one for blacks. Racism has been running rampant in our country through out history. In the United States during World War II, citizens of Japanese origin were taken form their homes on the West Coast and moved to inland camps by our government because, after the Japanese attack on pearl Harbor, our -2- government made a generalization abut the Japanese. It decided that the Japanese Americans were a threat and so they decided to put them in camps. These camps were internment camps, not harsh like concentration camps, but devastating for people who considered themselves and were every bit as loyal citizens as the people who were incarcerating them. In society today people look for an easy way out of problems. Most of the time, they can just blame their problems on other people or other races, just as the Nazis did with the Jews, the Gypsies and others in Nazi Germany. Hitler was scared of different people so he felt he had to exterminate 6 million of them. When people behave in this prejudiced way, they just make themselves seem ignorant. One of the darkest periods in American history was when we massacred the American Indians so we could settle their lands. Why did we betray and kill the Indians? We killed them because they were different, because we were afraid of them and because we wanted their land. People assume because they were not white and were not as industrialized as white people that they were a lesser race. After we massacred most of the Indians we put the remanning on reservations specifically for Indians. People who are racist or prejudice are ignorant and do not see what Indians can contribute to the country. By killing the Indians the world was deprived of what the Indians might of contributed. If people could see beyond ethnic origin racism would not be a problem.